Taking your tech startup to the next level is hard
Priorities shift on a daily basis
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New features bring new customers and revenue

How about that integration that has been sitting on your backlog? You know it has the potential to grow your baseline by 20% within a year.

But your development teams are busy refactoring your core API, chipping away at the backlog. A backlog that never seems to end.

For every completed item another two are added. It’s impossible to keep up. How is your company supposed to grow like this?

It’s time to break the barrier
Break the barrier

Here at Sandorian we’re helping fast-paced startups and scale-ups achieve tremendous growth in the least amount of time.

We’re allowing your development teams to fully focus on the core product and shipping new features while we’re building the integrations that unlock the full potential of your product.

Think about custom middleware, messaging services, payment gateways and SDKs. These are the solutions that ultimately bring in new customers and grow your revenue.

We’re an international team of passionate specialists

Most of us work in Europe, fully remote. We believe this enables us to deliver our best work at any time - even in times of a global health crisis.

Our existing clients are very important to us and we do not want to grow at their expense. They tend to stick around for a long time too. So we only take on a few new clients a year. If you feel that could be you, let us know!

World locations
Meet our team
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Sander van Hooft
Founder, solution architect
Sander designs the software solutions that level up your business. He's always on the lookout for robust, scalable and effective new technologies. He helps you choose the right architecture for your project, ensuring we're all starting from a firm foundation.
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Krishan König
Senior Developer
Krishan translates solution blueprints into solid, robust code that scales well and is highly testable. He knows our Laravel stack by heart, so he can quickly turn your idea into an MVP as well.
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Èrik C. Forés
ICT Systems Engineer
Erik is a senior engineer that mostly works as a full stack web developer. He's the guy that finds practical solutions to persistent problems, sparing us all a lot of headache. Well-versed in over 20 programming languages, he maintains a large number of open source libraries and frameworks. He's also the author of a programming language — fully designed by himself.
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Dennis Venmans
Senior Graphic Designer
Dennis makes your products pop with a consistent and recognizable brand. For maximum effect, he adds tailored animations and distinct artwork to ensure a lasting impression of your shiny new app features.


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