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Need a custom integration, architecture consult or help migrating from another provider? Our seasoned team of Mollie specialists has you covered.

Merijn van Zuidam, Technical Partner Manager at Mollie

Sandorian is our one-stop shop specialist for many different integrations and packages. Their expertise, creativity and clear communication make them an incredible partner of Mollie.

Getting you paid

Open-source packages

When it comes to open-source, we've set ourselves a Big Bold Goal together with our partner Mollie.

We cover 99% of the payment use cases with official Mollie packages for Laravel and PHP.

These packages are completely open-source and free to use.

Our most popular community work includes the core Mollie PHP client, the Laravel Mollie SDK and Laravel Cashier for Mollie. These packages have proven to be a great starting point for many developers.

Laravel Spark - Classic edition

Laravel Spark is the perfect foundation for bootstrapping your next SAAS idea.

For Spark Classic we're distributing our Mollie enabled version through the official store.

In February 2021 "Spark Next" was released by the Laravel team. We're currently exploring opportunities for a Mollie enabled edition.

Custom architecture fit

99% of the use cases can be handled by our open source Mollie packages. If your app is in the other 1%, you'll need a custom solution. This is typically the case if you're operating on large scale and have specific architectural constraints.

Development and guidance

Don't reinvent the wheel. If you want to hand off your Mollie integration development completely or need some guidance for your team: we've got you covered.

Migrate from Stripe to Mollie

Mollie is a fantastic payment provider for companies based in Europe. Together with Mollie we can help you migrate your data from another provider. Shoot us a message to get you set up.

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