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Laser focused software for technology driven companies.

We're a High-Tech Swiss company that develops analytics tools for the equine industry. We process big chunks of sensor data. Sandorian helped us make the right architecture decisions to handle this data at scale while balancing our priorities as a fast-paced startup. Sandorian's guidance gave our team the confidence to move forward even faster.

Sandorian is our one-stop shop specialist for many different integrations and packages. Their expertise, creativity and clear communication make them an incredible partner of Mollie.

Tools trusted by the industry

Laravel: a solid foundation

The go to framework of our choice is Laravel. It's well equipped for projects both large and small, very stable and comes with some serious batteries included.

Did you know? Being big Laravel fans, we're maintaining the official integrations for Cashier and Spark for Mollie. You can find them at

Scaling endlessly with Serverless

Running an application under high workload used to be very complex. But with Laravel Vapor, it's now possible to effortlessly scale on demand by leveraging Amazon's serverless architecture.

As a bonus, Laravel Vapor allows your application to be updated without downtime.

Finding the needle

For data storage we depend on MySQL for its reliability. For a lightning fast search experience, we're implementing Algolia and ElasticSearch.

Realtime data with Pusher

Having to refresh your browser to check for updates is so 2019! Updates can be brought to your users in realtime using Pusher.


Get notified by E-mail when something happens in your app. Prefer SMS or Slack? No problem. We got you covered.

Payment integrations

Payment integrations and SAAS billing are part of our core activities.

Maintaining multiple of their packages, we're an official partner of We play nice with other providers too.

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