Announcing our official partnership with Mollie to help companies get effortlessly paid online

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I am beyond excited to share with you that Sandorian has been selected by Mollie as their first ever official Mollie Preferred Integration Partner.

Today marks a historic moment for our company, as we announce more upcoming Mollie integrations (more on that later), ongoing support for the Laravel community and dedicated support on custom built, advanced Mollie integrations.

Having been part of Mollie's amazing journey since the beginning, we were able to create a unique methodology for designing and implementing robust, customer-friendly and auditable payment integrations. As a boutique consulting and development company, we seamlessly pair with engineering organisations to assess their online payment needs, create a roadmap, and implement it.

At Sandorian, we see online payments as an important piece of a bigger puzzle, that is, the lifeblood for any business operating in a digital-first economy. This holistic approach to software architecture and development informs our practice and ensures we provide targeted support tailored to the organisation's current stage and is aimed at fast-tracking a full-fledged payment integration that is effortless for the customer and result in top-tier conversion rates.

As part of our advanced Mollie integration services, we provide dedicated engagements from 2 to 12 weeks and more ongoing support if needed. Selected deliverables include:

  • Mollie payments integration impact assessment
  • Mollie payments integration roadmap
  • Guidance for engineering organisations on robust, scalable, customer-friendly and auditable Mollie payment integrations
  • Solution design and implementation
  • Ongoing support, in close collaboration with Mollie's engineering and support teams.

Contact us any time if you need help integrating Mollie and start growing your business with effortless payments.

Sander van Hooft Founder at

Sandorian Consultancy B.V.

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    5126EC Gilze
    The Netherlands
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