Mollie launches the Payment Links API

Mollie has started to roll out the brand new Payment Links API for merchants in the Netherlands.

A Payment Link is designed for single use and - by default - does not expire.

This permanent nature makes these links ideally suited for sending via email, or including as a QR code on a print invoice. And did we mention they're super easy to use?

The Sandorian team already has updated the php client (mollie/mollie-api-php) and the Laravel client (mollie/laravel-mollie) so you can get started using Payment Links right away.

Here's how easy it is to generate a payment link with the php client:

$mollie = new \Mollie\Api\MollieApiClient();

$paymentLink = $mollie->paymentLinks->create([
  "amount" => [
	"currency" => "EUR",
	"value" => "12.10",
  "description" => "Order 66",

$paymentLink->getCheckoutUrl(); // share or redirect

These new features will soon be accessible to all European merchants.

More details can be found here.

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