Mollie introduces the Balances API (beta)

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At Sandorian we have seen a lot of merchant struggle with synchronising their accounting system (i.e. Exact or MoneyBird) with their Mollie account.

To address this issue, Mollie has introduced a set of new Balance endpoints, currently in beta.

This new Balances endpoint is perfect for your accounting needs, allowing easy double entry bookkeeping, tracking profitability and all Mollie fees incurred.

We've already added support for the balances API endpoints to the Mollie PHP client and Laravel client:

$mollie->balances->get(string $balanceId, array $parameters);
$mollie->balances->page(?string $from, ?int $limit, array $parameters = []);

$mollie->balanceReports->getForBalanceId(string $balanceId, array $parameters = []);
$mollie->balanceReports->getForPrimaryBalance(array $parameters = []);
$mollie->balanceReports->getForBalance(Balance $balance, array $parameters = []);

$mollie->balanceTransactions->listFor(Balance $balance, array $parameters = []);
$mollie->balanceTransactions->listForId(string $balanceId, array $parameters = []);
$mollie->balanceTransactions->listForPrimary(array $parameters = []);

Read more about Balances in the Mollie API reference.

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